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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We've all heard of the Carbon Footprint, but what about Carbon Counting? Just like calorie counting, apparently we need to get carbon counting.

As a designer, architects, construction companies, consumers, retailers, restaurateurs, manufacturers, travel agents, you name it, we're all going to be doing it by the end of 2021 and beyond to reach the government's target Carbon Net-Zero by 2050 and reduced by 68% by 2030. That's only 9yrs away and we are a long way off. There are apps and calculators being developed so you as the consumer and/or business owner can calculate how much carbon you use or consume to make it an everyday occurance and/or thought process to think about Carbon.

For example, I was watching a Horizon special programme with Greg Wallace and Hannah Fry on the BBC on Monday called 'Feast to Save the Planet', where celebrity diners were asked to guess how much carbon it took to create the dish they were eating. One of the diners chose steak and chips and it was revealed that it took enough carbon to produce that one piece of steak, for that one diner to fly to Hong Kong and back. WHAT?!! Yes, really. It's an interesting watch and an eye opener on just dining alone. Took me down and rabbit hole and my first day of lockdown got me researching :

As an interior designers I will be revealing over the next couple of months how I will be doing my bit to Carbon Count and help save our planet too.......

I'd love to hear your thoughts....

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