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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We've been locked down and WFH for so long now, we've been looking longingly at the spare room and our garages and wondering, what if I had a little bit of imagination, can I turn this space into my office to be super productive in?

Here are some spaces I transformed during lockdown. Whether your taste is Mid-Century Modern, Dark and Moody, Monochromatic, High-End or Masculine, I have some tips:

  1. Choose your space: Spare room, garage, garden room, under the stairs, hallway, landing or loft

  2. Transform/upcycle a shelf, dressing table, two bedside tables, trellis legs with a glass or wooden top newly painted or varnished

  3. Give the space a good clear out of junk and give it a good clean

  4. Make sure you have good natural light and task lighting

  5. Place your desk below a window, this will ensure there is no glare on your screen and a bright background behind you for online/onscreen meetings

  6. Create an interesting backdrop with wallpaper, bookshelf, pinboard, abstract artwork or map

  7. Make sure you have easy access to sockets, wifi, broadband connections

  8. Paint the space a new neutral colour, give it a theme that reflects your business

  9. Comfy chair, radio, rug, artwork, books, family photos and some plants to create a warm, softened inviting space to be productive in

  10. Storage: small filing cabinet, smart or colourful textured storage boxes and small shelving unit

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