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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

So its not exactly the ideal situation to be designing for a home that you can't physically see, touch, feel or standing in. But, it's not impossible. I just finished an amazing project that was very complexed and I was only allowed on site a handful of times over the course of 5 months. With the help of technology and help from the client and trades, I managed to design as if we were working without COVID. How? Here's how:

1. I had regular weekly zoom calls with our client and had a free flowing, available at

anytime whatsapp group for any questions concerns or ideas about the design and

brief. It's important for me to build a relationship with my clients from the get go.

It's a long process, you have to like each other, trust each other and get along

2. I was able to upload and share on my screen the designs, presentations,

renders and information and talk through every part of the design, step by step as if

I was meeting in person. I have lots of design tools that I can shared with

the client for inspiration and to help the client visualise the end result and

understand their aesthetic

3. I order two lots of samples from suppliers and I sent them a sample box. This

enabled the client to have something tangible to touch and feel and gave them an

emotional connection to the project as we discussed the finer details of the design

together on zoom

4. Once the work started I then did the same with the trades. Lots of zoom calls with

them onsite. They are so trusted and good at what they do, I didn't always need to

be on site holding their hands and checking what they did. They sent me update

pictures at the end of each day and I discuss with them any concerns, adjustments

or changes that needed to be made, if any

5. The end result was still fantastic and you can see for yourself in my Portfolio section

on the menu bar under Coco's Boudoir. It also shows the brief, design process,

the moodboards and renders too

Saying all of that, I can't wait to get back to normal and meet my clients, regularly in person and talk about their design ideas.

So why not start remotely and call me today for a free 2hr consultation.

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